Academic Achievements

NSSCO 2023: 8th position

NSSCAS 2023: Top performing learner


We are incredibly proud of our Deltarian, Jonathan Louw, who obtained the first position in the national AS level examinations in 2023!

They have displayed dedication, determination and perseverance throughout their school career. We hope this achievement has inspired our learners to continue to strive for excellence and keep Delta at the top.

Jonathan Louw


We are incredibly proud of our Deltarians, Max Feilmeier and Carla Mahoro, who obtained first and sixth place respectively in the national AS level examinations in 2022!

Max Feilmeier

"Challenges are not an excuse. If you can't solve them, adapt to them. With the right mindset, nothing is impossible to achieve." 

Carla Mahoro

"Achieving academic success requires discipline, hard work and the use of diverse sources of study materials. Developing a consistent habit of studying, setting SMART goals and striving to reach them helped me to become a top academic achiever." 

Max Feilmeier and Jonathan Louw

A big congratulations to our Interschool Maths Olympiads 2022 prize winners!! 

AS-Level: Max Feilmeier

Grade 11: Jonathan Louw, Rudy-Al Kalinga, Twahafifwa Shatilwe

Grade 10: Yasmeen Grossmann, Elizabeth Shoopala

Grade 9: Wonderful Mamba, Frans Ita, Alpha Amweelo

Delta Secondary School offers additional assistance to improve academic performance

Tutoring (Mathematics and Sciences)
Learner Support (offered by teachers for all subjects)
Learners Help Learners (offered by learners)
Collaboration with Platonic Academy and Dr. Eva Beukes